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Pyramid of Qakare Ibi in South Saqqara

During Jéquier's excavations in South Saqqara focused his attention on the small ruins, about three meters high, that the Lepsius expedition had given number 40 on its archeological map. Jéquier's excavations have also shown that older tombs from VIth Dynasty are located in this place. The pyramid was always completely destroyed by stone thieves. On the limestone blocks of its core were found a large number of inscriptions crudely written in red color with the title "Prince of Libya". The underground part of the pyramid consisted of a descending corridor, a burial chamber, and a serdab. The walls of the burial chamber were originally covered with pyramids texts. This texts was possible to determine that the pyramid belonged to the ruler Qakare Ibi from VIIIth Dynasty. This is a last pyramid built in Saqqara.

A - burial chamber
B - entrance 
C - chapel

base length:   31.5 m
oryginally height:   21 m
actually height of ruins:   c.3 m


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