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Pyramid of Djedkare Isesi at Southern Sakkara

nfr-Dd-kA-ra (Beautiful is Djedkare)

base length:   78,75 m
slope:   52o
height:   52.5 m
antechamber:   4.02 x 3.1 m
burial chamber:   7.84 x 3.1 x 9 m
lenght of causeway:   c.220 m



A - entrance
B - corridor chamber
C - three portcullises
D - burial chamber
E - antechamber
F - three magazines
G - cult pyramid


Funerary complex of the pharaoh Djedkare Isesi was erected in South Saqqara by Senedjemib, the overseer of works. In northern side of the pyramid there is entrance with chapel (A) where a descending passage equipped with a special chamber (B) and a device with falling down stones  (C) leads to antechamber and burial chamber (D) with two-side slopped roof made of limestone blocks and at east side connected to niche-like antechamber (E). Botch chambers and basalt sarcophagus had been largely destroyed, however reminders of the king’s mummy were found. East of the pyramid there is a mortuary temple, once finely decorated, to north and south part of which are associated four courtyards. East-north is located funerary complex, rather incorrectly ascribed to one of queens (T. Schneider).

A - entrance
B - sanctuary
C - cult pyramid
D - five statue niches
E - open court
F - entrance hall
G - queen`s pyramid
H - queen`s cult pyramid
I - pylons
J - causeway

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