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Who is Who in Ancient Egypt - B

Aakheperkare-seneb, 18 dyn
Scribe who made graffito on the wall of mortuary temple of Snofru in Meidum. He giving the precise date of his visit - twelfth day of the fourth month of summer in the forty-first year of the reign of Tuthmosis III.

Abau [ Aba ; Ibi ], 20 dyn
Scribe of horses during the Ramessid Period. He was buried in large tomb in Theban necropolis - TT351 (Sheikh Abd el-Gurna)

Abdi Kheba, 18 dyn
Palestinian king during time of Akhenaten, who appealed to the Egyptian king for a modest contigent of troops, fifty men, to help him hold the land.

Agatharchides [ Agatharkhides ], Ptolemaic Period
Geographer and Historian. Born in Cnidos, spend his career in Alexandria at the court of Ptolemy VI. He wrote a study of the successors of Alexander. He also produced a description of the Red Sea, in five books. His works are lost.

Ahanakht [ Aha-nakht ], 9 dyn
Nomarch of Hermopolis during the reign of king Neferkare. He bore the title Overseer Of The Western Desert.

Ahanakht [ Aha-nakht ], 12 dyn
The veterinarian Aha-nakht's name appears amongst graffiti, identifying a number of medical practicioners of various disciplines working in the querries at Hatnub. He was a w'ab priest of Sakhmet.

Ahhotep I, 17-18 dyn
The consort of Seqenenre Tao I and his sister. Daughter of Sanakhtenre Tao I and queen Tetisherit. Mother of Ahmes-Nefertari, king Ahmose and, probably, Kamose.

Ahmose, 18 dyn
Son of Abana. Officer in army of king Ahmose.

Ahmose-Meritamun [ Ahmes-Meritamun ], 18 dyn
Sister and wife of Amenhotep I. Only one son appears to have been born of this marriage, who died in infancy.

Ahmose-Nefertari [ Ahmes-Nefertari ], 18 dyn
Daughter of Seqenenre Tao II and Queen Ahhotep I. Wife of king Ahmose. She was a first royal lady to be given the title God's wife of Amun. She was a mother of king Amenhotep I

Ahmose-Pennekheb [ Ahmes-Pennekheb ], 18 dyn
Soldier served in the army of king Ahmose. He was a contemporary of Ahmose, son of Abama. Died during the reign of Hatshepshut, to whose daughter, Princess Neferure he was a tutor.

Akhpet, 19 dyn
Scribe, Chief Of The Embalmers Of The Lord Of The Two Lands; he was also named Truthful Scribe Of The King Who Loves Him. He was buried at Saqqara in a tomb which was built just beyond the mortuary temple of king Teti.

Akhtoy, 11 dyn
The Chancellor of king Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre. He was buried at Deir el-Bahari, near the kings own magnificent tomb.

Amenaankhu, 12 dyn
Painter, who was employed by Djehutyhotep to decorate his tomb at el-Bersha.

Amenemhat, 13 dyn
Overseer Of The Storeroom Of The Chamber Of Fruits.

Amenemhat, 18 dyn
He was described as a "chieftain" and was an official and scribe during reign of Hatshepshut.

Amenemhat Neby, 12 dyn
Temple Official and Steward Of The Temple Estates. His funerary stele was found at  Abydos

Amenemhe Siset, 13 dyn
The Count, Overseer Of Prophets Of The Sobek and Mayor of Crocodilopolis, a member of powerful family in this area. He lived during the reign of Neferhotep I.

Amenemheb, 18 dyn
Army Officer and Oarsman. He lived during reign of Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II.

Ameneminet, 19 dyn
Son of High Priest of Amun, Wennufer. A Royal Charioteer and the king's Superintendent of Horse, Royal Envoy To All Foreign Lands during the reign of Ramesses II

Berenib [ Beren-ib ; Bener-ib ; Benerib ]
Queen, first Dynasty, Archaic Period, c 3100 BC. She is probably the wife of king Aha. A fragment of ivory from a box links her name with that of the king He

Ibi [ Aba ], 26 dyn
High official, the steward of the God's Wife of Amun, Nitocris. He was buried in the Theban necropolis - TT36 (el-Assasif)



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