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Egypt & Nubia

Europe & The Near East

5000 earliest Egyptian settlements trade between northern Egypt and Palestine
Late Neolithic culture in Mesopotamia
organised irrigation farming
4500 trade between southern Egypt and Nubia  
4000 Nagada I artefacts apparent throughout south  
3500 Nagada II artefacts apparent throughout Egypt urban settlement in Mesopotamia
  semi-nomadic A-group living and trading in southern Egypt and Nubia  
3000 major towns in south, associated with elite burials early historic dynasties in Mesopotamia
cultural ascendancy of Sumer
2950 earliest written texts from elite burials at Abydos  
2900 Narmer or Aha first king of all Egypt
royal burial at Abydos
Aha attacks Nubia
Egyptian royal trade with Palestine
2800   Gilgamesh, king of Uruk
2770 2nd Dynasty
Egyptian work Wadi Allaqi gold mines
Egyptian artefacts at Byblos
2650 3rd Dynasty  
2630 Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara  
2600 depopulation of Wawat apparent  
2575 4th Dynasty  
2550 Great Pyramid of Khufu  
2500 Egyptian town founded at Buhen  
2465 5th Dynasty
sun temples at Abu Gurab
2400 repopulation of Wawat by C-group  
2325   Sargon, king of Agade, builds an empier of Babylonia and Assyria
2323 6th Dynasty  
2250-2240 Harkhuf's expeditions to Nubia  
2150 death of Pepy II marks end of Old Kingdom  
2090   Utukhegal resserts historic intependence of Sumer
2080   Ur-Nammu establishes pre-eminence in Babylonia of 3rd Dynasty of Ur
2050 war between Thebes and Asyut  
1995   regional authority of Ur dwindles during reign of Ibbi-Sin
1994-1986 civil war
Mentuhotep II king of reunified Egypt
1933 tribute levied from Wawat
southern oases occupied by Egyptian troops
1937 12th Dynasty
Amenemhat I establishes royal residence at Itjtawy
1920   border with Egypt fortified and policed
1913-1903 armies of Senuseret I reduce Wawat to Egyptian control
first series of forts built
1842 workmen's town founded at Kahun  
1840 Red Sea port founded at Sawu  
1830   campaign of Senuseret III in southern Palestine
1829-1818 Senuseret III pushes Egyptian control beyond second cataract: second series of forts built  
1790   Shamshi-Adad I, king of Assyria builds an empire in Mesopotamia
1765   Hammurabi, king of Babylon
1759 end of 12th Dynasty  
1750-1650 Egyptian garrisons gradually assimilated into local population  
1730   Yanti, governor of Byblos, buried according to Egyptian funerary cult
Hammurabi attacs Mari




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