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Valley of the Queens - QV66
tomb of Nefertari - XIXth Dynasty

Tomb of Nefertari, major wife of Ramesses II, was discovered in 1904. The entrance corridor leads to a main antechamber (C) and a small side chamber (F), the former dominated by the image of a smiling Nefertari holding hands with Horus and being acknowledged by Isis. The staircase descends to the burial chamber (J) and three small side rooms (K, L, M). Among the immensely rich illustrations to be seen are Queen Nefertari bearing gifts and the Queen hand in hand with the  Hathor and  Horus. Unfortunately the downstairs reliefs are badly damaged but it is still possible to see that in the burial chamber. The wall texts are chapters from the Book of the Dead.





A - ramp or access stair to the tomb
B - door
C - antechamber
D - passage towards the antechamber
E - antechamber
F - side chamber
G - door
H - inner ramp
I - door
J - sarcophagus room
K - western side annex
L - eastern side annex
M - access to the Residence of Osiris





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