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Valley of the Kings - KV43
tomb of Tuthmosis IV - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb KV43 was discovered 18 January 1903, by Howard Carter. The carefully cut entrance stair and first three corridors push in a straight line to a large well with an offset chamber cut at the base of its wall. The axis then turns 90 degrees into the first pillared hall from which a staircase, sloping corridor and another staircase lead to the anteroom and burial chamber. In the tomb H.Carter was found some small objects, fragments of funerary equipment. The mummy of Tuthmosis IV was cached within a side chamber of the tomb KV35


A - entrance
B - first corridor (undecorated)
C, H - stairs
D - second corridor
E - well shaft (scenes of the king before various deities, ceiling with stars)
Ea - well shaft chamber
F - first pillared hall (undecorated)
G - slope passage
I - antechamber (scenes of the king before various deities, ceiling with stars, restoration text of Horemheb on southwest wall)
J - burial chamber (undecorated)
Ja - storeroom contained wheat filled jars
Jb - storeroom with a child mummy plus faience vessals and fragments of ritual objects
Jc - storeroom contained a shabti and mummy bandages
Jd - storeroom contained mummified joints and geese
K - sarcophagus

The King and Anubis - tomb's painting.

The head-end of sarcophagus. King, Hathor and Osiris - tomb's painting.

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