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Valley of the Kings - KV39
tomb of Amenhotep I - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered 1899 by Victor Loret. It is one of the most mystifing tombs in Valley. The most extraordinary feature of the sepulchre is its eccentric plan with two systems of corridors and chamers. The  king's mummy was discovered in the Deir el-Bahari cache DB320 in 1881. It had been restored in Year 6 Pharaoh Smendes, 4th month of peret-season, day 7, next in time of Siamun and, finally transfer it to the cache DB320 during the reign of Sheshonq I.

A - entrance
B - east corridor
C - east chamber

D - pit in floor to receive coffin
E - south chamber

F - south corridor
G - first chamber

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