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Valley of the Kings - KV3
tomb of Ramesses III's son - XXth Dynasty

The tomb was first excavated in 1912 by Harry Burton, though both Quibell and Ayrton had earlier made sundry clearances in the vicinity. The tomb is cut  straight back into rock with virtually no descent beyond the entrance. A single corridor leads to a four-pillared hall (F), both corridor (B) and hall (F) having subsidiary rooms (C,D,E,G) on each side. Three more rooms (H,I,J) lie directly beyond the pillared hall. As in royal tombs of the period, the compositions will presumably have been based upon the Litany of Re. A hieratic ostracon now in Berlin records that in Year 28 of Ramesses III suggests that the tomb beloned to one of the Ramesses III's sons. Thomb KV3 was later employed as a Christian chapel.



A - 1st corridor
B - 2nd corridor
C - niche in northern corridor's part
D - side chamber
E - northern side chamber
F - 4-pillared hall
G - southern niche
H - 1st burial chamber
 I - 2nd burial chamber
J - 3rd burial chamber

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