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Valley of the Kings - KV1
tomb of Ramesses VII - XXth Dynasty

The tomb of Ramesses VII is among those accessible since antiquity. The tomb proper consists of only the entrance (B), a first corridor (C) and the burial chamber (D) with a small extension room (F) and niche (G). It has been argued that the finish of the masonry and the fine quality of the relief work indicate a planned and executed small-scale tomb, perhaps created with a realization that the king would have little time to complete the structure. The sarcophagus (E) consists of a rock-cut hollow covered by a massive, roughly cartouche-shaped block of stone decorated with figures of Isis, Nephtys, Selkis and the four sons of Horus. The mummy of Ramesses VII has not yet been identified.


A - ascending passage
B - entrance (solar disc flanked by king and goddesses)
C - corridor (king before various deites; scenes from the Book of Gates and the Book of Caverns)
D - burial chamber (scenes from the Book of the Earth; astronomical ceiling with double Nut image)
E - sarcophagus
F - extension room  (king before Osiris)
G - niche

  Inverted sercophagus box used to cover the rock-cut pit containing the royal mummy.

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